About the team

Implementation of the Waste RDI Roadmap

The Waste RDI Roadmap, a strategic initiative of the Department of Science and Technology is hosted by the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR).

Department of Science and Technology

The Directorate: Environmental Services and Technologies is tasked with the development of a national Waste Research, Development and Innovation Roadmap for South Africa. The strategic objective of the Directorate is to identify, grow and sustain a portfolio of high-potential science, technology and innovation capabilities for sustainable development and the greening of society and the economy. The waste sector is recognised as an economic sector that can be supported by such an objective.


The Council for Scientific and Industrial Research has over 20 years of experience in applied waste research. Recognising the social and economic opportunities that waste provides, the CSIR's Waste for Development Research Group is focussed on providing independent research to government, industry and society, that will support decision-making, policy development and strategy formulation, and which will facilitate South Africa's transition towards a green economy, embracing the principles of the waste hierarchy and of a circular economy. Through directed research, we explore the required government, industry and societal changes necessary to alter unsustainable production and consumption patterns and, in so doing, decouple economic development and waste generation and associated impacts of pollution.

Development of the Waste RDI Roadmap

The DST and CSIR were supported by a number of local and international companies during the Status Quo and Roadmap Development phases of the project. These companies included:


Mutualfruit Limited is a management consulting practice focused on enabling organisations to realise greater returns from their investments in innovation. The firm's Innovation Realised services include Strategy to Action, Process Performance, Capability Development and Innovation Management Platforms.

Over five years of project work in South Africa, Mutualfruit has helped to drive the development and refinement of national Research, Development and Innovation (RDI) Strategy in ICT, Energy and Water, translating customer needs into sets of actionable and investable plans and designing effective implementation frameworks to guide, monitor and manage RDI investment and activity over the long term.

As the CSIR's collaboration partner in the initiative to develop a national RDI Roadmap for Waste, Mutualfruit's contribution includes strategic guidance, the application of its proprietary Roadmap framework and methodology in the form of approaches, techniques and tools to guide discovery and development, as well as facilitating and driving the process towards endorsement, adoption and execution.


Icando is as an environmental and waste management consultancy and training company, with over 15 years of experience in the waste sector. As accredited training providers, Icando aims to provide high quality, up-to-date environmental consulting services, learning and awareness programmes, as well as facilitation services to government, business and communities to enable them to manage their waste and environment better.

As the CSIR's collaboration partner in Phase 1 of the Waste RDI Roadmap development, Icando's contribution included assessing the current waste HCD initiatives in South Africa and the required skills for an innovative waste sector.