Waste RDI Status Quo

Opportunities and constraints to waste innovation

The aim of this component of the project was to identify current and required institutional, legislative and financial mechanisms that will support a national waste innovation programme.

The sub-activity will focus on:

  • An institutional assessment of waste innovation
  • Review of current support mechanisms
  • Identify financial and legal opportunities & constraints to waste innovation

This information was gathered by means of interviews with key stakeholders in the sector between April - August 2012.

» Report: Current and required institutional mechanisms to support waste innovation

Human Capital Development (HCD)

Waste management in South Africa is becoming more technologically demanding, the business more competitive and with increasing costs and legislative requirements, profit margins smaller. Appropriate skills within the waste sector are urgently required. However appropriate skills are not always available to keep up with the growing technological requirements of the sector.

HCD Review

This component of the project looked at current and required HCD programmes that will support a national waste innovation programme. This involved interviews and participatory workshops with key stakeholders in the sector, which ran from April to August 2012.
» Workshop report - July 2012 | Workshop report - August 2012

The project looked at the HCD modalities (with a focus at university level) that the DST has available to it to support skills development in the waste sector, e.g. research programmes, research chairs, studentships, centres of excellence, etc.

HCD Audit

Review of current waste management courses and training programmes at tertiary level in South Africa.
» Audit report