Industry-meets-Science Workshop Series

Food waste

As part of the implementation of the Waste Research, Development and Innovation (RDI) Roadmap, the Department of Science and Technology in partnership with the WWF and CSIR, held an "Industry-meets-Science" Workshop on food waste, on the 15 February 2017.

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Objective : The aim of this Industry-meets-Science workshop was to –

  • To create a knowledge sharing and leadership platform to explore current and emerging knowledge with those active in addressing the drivers of food waste in the supply chain as well as those researching, developing and piloting solutions
  • For industry/business to highlight the problems they face with respect to managing/reducing food waste across their value chain
  • For Universities and Science Councils to showcase current research and solutions that may benefit industry/business
  • To jointly identify priority actions and research needs to support reduced food waste

Outcomes : The intended outcomes of the workshop are –

  • Opportunity for industry and academia to build networks and obtain insights on current issues, solutions, and research needs,
  • A draft Research Agenda on food waste to guide the sector’s future activities and investment in research, development and innovation, and
  • Support the uptake of industry research needs into the implementation of the 10-year Waste RDI Roadmap

Presentations by Government and NGOs

» Welcome – Dr Henry Roman
» Opening remarks – Tatjana von Bormann
» South African Food Waste Prevention – James Lomax
» Uniting in the Food Waste Fight – Richard Swannell
» The sustainable food systems programme – Solly Molepo
» Background and outcomes – Prof Linda Godfrey

Presentations by Industry

The morning session was dedicated to presentations from business and industry, where organisations were invited to provide a brief overview of their current activities on food waste management; current challenges and obstacles with respect to food waste management/reduction; opportunities for reducing food waste generation in South Africa; and current gaps in knowledge that could be addressed through future targeted R&D in support of the sector.

» Tshwane Fresh Produce Market – Francois Knowles
» PicknPay Food Waste Strategy – Andre Nel
» RCL Foods – Ettienne Thiebaut
» Food Waste Industry insights – Tatjana von Bormann

Presentations by Science

The afternoon session was dedicated to presentations from the science community, outlining current RDI focussed at addressing the issue of food waste management.

» Food waste in SA: A CSIR perspective – Prof Suzan Oelofse
» Valorization of chicken feathers – Prof Bruce Sithole
» Food waste: Identifying critical areas of concern – Dr Nadene Marx-Piennaar
» Mobile phone application to reduce on-farm food waste – Nicola Jenkin
» Value recovery from confectionery waste – Dr Madelyn Johnstone-Robertson