Current projects

Awarded grants

Project No Title Principal Investigator Lead Organisation Term
2016_1 Lessons from waste picker integration initiatives - Development of evidence based guidelines to integrate waste pickers into South African Municipal Waste Management Systems Dr M Samson WITS 1/4/16 - 31/3/19
2016_2 A Decision Support Tool for Implementing Municipal Waste Separation at Source: Incorporating Socio-economic and Environmental Impacts Mr A Nahman CSIR (NRE) 1/4/16 - 31/3/18
2016_3 Beneficiation of forestry biomass waste streams Dr B Sithole CSIR (NRE) 1/4/16 - 31/3/19
2016_4 Valorisation of chicken feathers Dr B Sithole CSIR (NRE) 1/4/16 - 31/3/19
2016_5 Sustainable utilization and conversion of post-harvest agricultural waste residues into value added materials Dr M John CSIR (MSM) 1/4/16 - 31/3/19
2016_6 Value recovery from solid confectionary waste Prof S Harrison UCT 1/4/16 - 31/3/19
2016_7 Reactor design for industrial furfural production from sugar cane agricultural residues Prof J Görgens SUN 1/4/16 - 31/3/19
2016_8 Biogas and volatile fatty acids biorefinery by co-digestion of fruit juice industry solid and liquid wastes with lignocellulosic biomass Prof J Görgens SUN 1/4/16 - 31/3/19
2016_9 Organic waste: a bioresource for production of novel cellulose nanocomposites Dr A Chimphango SUN 1/4/16 - 31/3/19
2016_10 Amino acid leaching of metals from printed circuit board waste Dr C Dorfling SUN 1/4/16 - 31/3/19
2016_11 Extraction of value from solid waste by pyrolysis conversion: Pilot scale optimisation Prof J Görgens SUN 1/4/16 - 31/3/19