SARChI Research Chairs

The Department of Science and Innovation in partnership with the National Research Foundation and the CSIR launched the first two SARChI Research Chairs in Solid Waste Management in August 2018.

The SARChI Funding Instrument is a strategic intervention by government to attract and retain research excellence and innovation at universities, science councils and national research facilities. The Instrument aims to improve South Africa's international research and innovation competitiveness in a way that responds to the country's social and economic challenges.


» Opening welcome – Prof Linda Godfrey, Manager Waste RDI Roadmap
» The importance of Research Chairs in furthering research, development and innovation in South Africa
   Dr Nana Boaduo, Director Research Chairs & Centres of Excellence, NRF
» Waste as a social issue – Professor Catherina Schenck, Research Chair: Waste & Society, University
   of the Western Cape
» Mitigating the climate impacts of the waste sector – Professor Cristina Trois, Research Chair: Waste &
   Climate, University of KwaZulu-Natal
» The Waste RDI Roadmap and the role of Research Chairs – Dr Henry Roman, Chief Director Sector
   Innovation & Green Economy, DSI

Research Chair: Waste and Society
Professor Rinie Schenck, UWC
Who brings more than 30 years experience in social sciences
Previously as the Head of Department Social Work
Fields of specialisation include poverty and unemployment; informal employment; waste recycling; day labour studies; community development

Research Chair: Waste and Climate
Professor Cristina Trois, UKZN
Who brings more than 20 years experience in waste & engineering
Previously as the Dean of the School of Engineering
Fields of specialisation include waste management; renewable energy technologies; sustainable development; water and wastewater management

» Media statement