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Research Reports

» Lydall, M., Nyanjowa, W. and James, Y. (2017). Mapping South Africa's Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Dismantling, Pre-Processing and Processing Technology Landscape.
Mintek: Johannesburg. (Full report) (Executive Summary)

Annual Reports

» 2016/17 Waste RDI Roadmap Annual Report
» 2015/16 Waste RDI Roadmap Annual Report

Briefing Notes and Posters

» Integrating the informal sector into the South African waste and recycling economy (2016)
» Opportunities for Green Jobs in the Waste Sector (2016)
» Bioplastics (2015) (Aug 2015)
» The formal South African waste sector (2012) (Oct 2014)
» The formal South African waste sector (2012) (Nov 2013)


» Trends in the application of environmental technologies in South Africa
   (Innovation Hub) (November 2016)
» Approaches to EPR and implications for waste picker integration
   (DEA) (November 2016)
» Changing the face of waste management through Research, Development and Innovation
   (WasteCon) (October 2016)
» Opportunities: The Green Economy as a driver of sustainable development and job creation
   (Mpumalanga Green Economy Roundtable) (August 2016)
» A 10-Year Waste Research, Development and Innovation (RDI) Roadmap for South Africa
   (Waste Khoro) (May 2016)
» Global Change Grand Challenge, Environmental Innovation
   (Parliamentary Portfolio Committee) (March 2016)
» Unlocking the economic potential of the waste hierarchy through Science, Technology and Innovation
   (Science Forum) (Dec 2015)
» The need for the development of a Waste RDI Roadmap and the legislation and policy background
   (Science Forum) (Dec 2015)
» SA Waste RDI Roadmap (2015-2025) (WasteCon 2014) (Oct 2014)
» Understanding the SA Waste Sector (WasteCon 2014) (Oct 2014)
» State of innovation in the SA Waste Sector (ISWA 2014) (Sep 2014)
» Value of waste as resource (German Chamber Network) (Sep 2014)
» Developing Waste RDI capabilities (GreenSkills Seminar) (Jul 2014)


The Department of Science and Technology (DST) announce an exciting opportunity for researchers and students from South African Universities, Science Councils and Research Institutions to publish their original research in an upcoming academic book on waste biomass and organic waste valorization. For more information on the book contact the Waste Roadmap Implementation Unit (


» South Africa begins waking up to the economic potential of waste recycling
» Want not... waste not
» First Bottle-2-Bottle plant in Africa
» WasteCon 2014 in retrospect