Grant project deliverables

The following grant projects are being (or have been) funded under the Waste RDI Roadmap. Further information on each of the projects, including access to completed deliverables, can be found under each project.

Grant project title Institution
1. Evidence based guidelines to integrate waste pickers into South African municipal waste management system University of Witwatersrand
2. Decision support tool for implementing municipal waste separation at source CSIR
3. Beneficiation of forestry biomass waste streams CSIR
4. Valorisation of waste chicken feathers CSIR
5. Sustainable utilization and conversion of post-harvest agricultural waste residues CSIR
6. Value recovery from solid confectionary waste University of Cape Town
7. Reactor design for industrial furfural production from sugar cane agricultural residues Stellenbosch University
8. Biogas and volatile fatty acids biorefinery by co-digestion of fruit juice industry wastes with lignocellulosic biomass Stellenbosch University
9. Organic waste: a bioresource for production of novel cellulose nanocomposites Stellenbosch University
10. Amino acid leaching of metals from printed circuit board waste Stellenbosch University
11. Extraction of value from solid waste by pyrolysis conversion: Pilot scale optimisation Stellenbosch University
12. Recycling rare earth elements from fluorescent lamps Stellenbosch University
13. The development of an integrated process flowsheet for the sequential extraction and recovery of valuable metals from WEEE University of Cape Town
14. Development of an environmentally friendly lithium ion battery recycling process Stellenbosch University
15. Investigating options for thermal treatment of printed circuit board waste Stellenbosch University
16. Investigating the use of printed circuit board leach residue as reductant in pyrometallurgical operations Stellenbosch University
17. Increasing reliable, scientific data on food loses and waste in South Africa CSIR
18. Techno-economic feasibility assessment on the viability of using waste PET to produce MOFs CSIR
19. Understanding societal behaviour in order to reduce and divert waste going to landfills University of the Western Cape
20. Incentives for municipalities to divert waste from landfill in South Africa CSIR
21. The use of plastic waste in road construction in South Africa CSIR
22. Informing decision on single-use plastic carrier bags in South African: Evidence from LCSA CSIR
23. Marine plastic science review Various