Grant project deliverable

Biogas and volatile fatty acids biorefinery by co-digestion of fruit juice industry wastes with lignocellulosic biomass

Grant holder: Prof J Görgens

Institution: Stellenbosch University

Grant: CSIR/IU/WRIU/2016/008

Duration: 1 April 2016 to 30 June 2019

Status: Complete

Project outline: The aim of the project is to assess the composition and biomethane potential of fruit juice solid waste, liquid waste and co-digestion of liquid and solid waste. The ability of lignocellulosic biomass as supplementary feed stock for improved production of biomethane and VFAs. The co-production of biomethane and VFAs and or sequential production of biomethane and VFAs, and the suitability of biomethane and or VFA process residues as a fertiliser.