Grant project deliverable

Value recovery from solid confectionary waste

Grant holder: Prof S Harrison

Institution: UCT

Grant: CSIR/IU/WRIU/2016/006

Duration: 1 April 2016 to 31 March 2019

Status: Complete

Project outline: The objective of this project is to assess the feasibility of using confectionery waste for the production of bio-based products and/or generation of energy and the potential availability of these resources. Including the identification of potential process routes for the different substrates found in these waste.

» Briefing note: Value recovery from solid confectionery waste.
» Technical report: Harrison, S.T.L., Johnstone-Robertson, M., Rademeyer, S., Murhonyi, L., Ngwenya, C., Horn, C., Rumjeet, S. and Smart, M. (2019). Value recovery from solid confectionery waste. Cape Town: University of Cape Town.
» Presentation: Harrison, S. (2019). Value recovery from solid confectionery waste.
» Dissertation: Rademeyer, S. (2018). Poly(γ-glutamic) acid (PGA) production from confectionery waste using Bacillus species. Master's Thesis. Cape Town: Cape Peninsula University of Technology.