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Waste RDI Roadmap

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The Department of Science and Innovation's (DSI) "Ten-Year Innovation Plan: Towards a knowledge-based economy" recognises the importance of science and technology in improving the country's competitiveness and economic growth. The waste sector is recognised by Government as one that provides opportunities for value recovery, job creation and economic development.

The DSI has developed the Waste Research, Development and Innovation (RDI) Roadmap for South Africa to provide strategic direction and to coordinate and manage South Africa's portfolio investment for the next 10 years in six identified clusters of waste research, development and innovation activity –

  • Strategic Planning
  • Modelling and Analytics
  • Technology Solutions
  • Waste Logistics Performance
  • Waste and Environment
  • Waste and Society

This website provides a platform for sharing of information on the Roadmap with stakeholders in the waste sector and the National System of Innovation.